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"Remember, you have two choices on this planet ... glass half full or glass half empty. Both choices are correct, but one choice will bring you joy, and the other choice will bring you pain. Keep on dancin', children." - RuPaul

Guidelines: This a very laid back, friendly community. So let’s keep the rules short and sweet, shall we?
1: Anything is welcome, as long as it relates to RuPaul’s Drag Race, Drag U, or any of the contestants or judges.
2: If your post or comment contains spoilers, PLEASE warn for them. In a post, spoilers should always go under a cut. In a comment, mention that there are spoilers in bold so people can skip them if they wish.
3: All long posts and/or large images should go under a cut.
4: If you would like new tags, or have any other suggestions, PM one of the mods.
5: Don’t be throwin’ no shade. We’re all squirrel friends here. But, if you should have a problem with another member, please PM a mod.
6: And most importantly, enjoy yourself!

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