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08 March 2012 @ 04:57 pm
RuPaul Review Round-up ep. 6 Float Your Boat  
Here's this week review Round-up! Let's get wet and wild with Willam this week. Hopefully the ladies didn't get too drowned by fishy Kenya's comments. As always, post corrections and new articles to the thread! Happy weekend y'all!

AV Club: "From the very start, “Float Your Boat” is Willam’s show, starting with her comment about Milan getting rid of both Puerto Rican queens: “You ain’t never gonna be in West Side Story again. Not even a touring production, bitch.” Willam is giving a master class in Reality TV performance this episode, playing for the camera at all times and navigating RuPaul’s game with ease. Willam throws shade at the weakest girls in the competition, has read RuPaul’s book, and is not afraid to proclaim her brilliance until the rest of the queens can’t stand it anymore. That last one is a page out of the Tyra Sanchez book, but Willam has the wit to back up her pride. When she’s attacked, like in the ridiculous letter from Kenya Michaels in Untucked, she turns an insult into a positive, embracing her handsomeness when Kenya accuses her of having a man’s face."

Blackout Blog: "And Milan. Milan, Milan, Milan. She’s my girl, and I’ve loved her since “Miss Cleo” (even though she un-friended me on Facebook, but whatevs). And I can relate to her because she’s way too intellectual about drag when no one else is! She said she doesn’t want to be pigeon-hold into being just a drag queen. Fuck that artist bullshit; at least act the part in the “search for the next drag superstar”! Win and be true to your art when you’re famous!"

BYT: "Billy B was not amused with Milan, Dita or Jiggily...(and neither was I) Billy and Michelle think Chad is too perfect (um isn't that the point of this show?) and loved Willam's Dolce & Gabanna! (Label whore). Visage called out Latrices boots and Phi Phi's body shape...and even better Kelly calls out Ditas Camel Toe and I die laughing! All in all it's obvious who is on top and who is not. "

Crass Talk: "C U Next Tuesday: Phi Phi. She’s just going to live in this category unless someone else does something super out of character. Phi Phi is just the worst. Right? Right."

Drag you Later with Jon and John: VIDEO "It was all about boobs and boats on this week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, with the queens taking a trip to “Dragtona Beach” for a wet T-shirt contest and then heading to the runway to show off their homemade pride floats. And while some rose to the challenge others, well, sank.As always, our kings of all things queens John & Jon are here to give their recap of the episode and, as a special treat, Jon is even showing off his gams. Check it all out above." We also face another Milan invasion!

Entertainment Weekly: "And it should just be put out there: Gurl is a bad, bad, bad lip-syncher, and last night’s performance to Lady Gaga’s pride anthem “Born This Way” showed exactly why. And that was mostly because she ripped off both her top, exposing a bare man’s chest, and her wig. (She sure can do the splits, though.) Stripping down is nothing new for the main stage’s lip-synching-for-your-life showdowns, but there is sort of a feel of “been there, done that” when the wig-throwing starts now. And with all the disparaging comments Milan got from the judges about her drag being too “mannish,” it didn’t help her cause at all.
Or am I just not understanding Milan’s style of performing? Was it actually genius in some secret way?"

Fierce Black Queen : "Another piece of constructive criticism Willam put out was for Miss Milan, who like the aforementioned immature lady boys was not able to see the writing on the wall. She just doesn’t get it. As occasionalblonde goes on to say in one of her posts: “To use an grossly overused quotation ‘there’s no there there’.” Milan just doesn’t get the fact that the people she admires are innovators. She is not. And doing poor imitations of them only highlights their talent and her lack thereof. DON’T compare yourself to Kevin, dear. The only thing you have in common with Kevin is your penis." And More!

Hedda Lettuce: The world's bitchiest drag queen columnist gives her opinions: "Wilam won the challenge, snatching it from the queen that should have won: Latrice Royal. First of all she is the size of a pride float. Secondly she was the only gal that gave you glitz, glitter and glam. Granted her black S&M boots weighed down an otherwise perfect look, but that should not have been enough to take the title from her. Wilam was wearing a flattering one-piece cut up to her ball cleavage, but Latrice gave you gay pride. "

Houston Chronicle: "I somehow missed that Phi Phi is from Texas. (San Antonio, to be exact.) She’s glad to have left for Chicago, however, because “Texas is not about the whole being gay thing.” Hey, we all have our struggles. But I happen to think Texas is pretty fierce. So fierce, in fact, that Houston has one of the biggest parades in the country. And isn’t San Antonio ALL about drag? Hater."

OUT Magazine:"Assuming that Logo renews RuPaul’s Drag Race for a fifth season—if they don’t insist on forcing more reality bullshit like the upcoming Toddlers and Tiaras spinoff Eden’s World down our throats—can someone please lay down some ground rules when it comes to lip syncing for one’s life? As in: Don’t tear off your wigs, don’t disrobe and don’t think that doing the splits continues to be jaw dropping. All three tropes were in heavy rotation this week during the climactic battle, and all three are as tired as Phi Phi O’Hara’s constant sniping about the other queens."

Queerty: "Ru announces Milan as, “London. Paris. Milan!” I think this might be the fourth time this season? It’s officially ridiculous. Please, just say something else… “Milan is nice this of year!” “I’ll take a one-way ticket to Milan!” “Milan! That word rhymes with Black Swan.” Seriously. Any of these would be better than hearing that introduction again."

Rochester City Paper: "Speaking of Willam, let's just get this out of the way: that bitch owned this episode. It was basically "The Willam Show," also featuring a half-dozen other drag queens and whatever the hell Milan calls herself (she doesn't want to limit herself in her creative expression, you see). Willam was on fire, proudly dominating the mini-challenge and the elimination challenge, and crowing about his/her awesomeness to whoever would listen. And that would be everybody. Willam is clearly a crafty one, and I think the bragging and constant name-dropping is a deliberate attempt to rattle the other contestants - and it totally works. I also think partially it's because he/she is a narcissist, but HELLO! ALL drag queens are narcissists. (And most gay men I know fit that bill, too.) If you've got the talent to back up the talk, I say go for it. And Willam has it, no question."

Throwinshade: Video review by two drag queens!

Tom and Lorenzo: Plus their second post on the ep."We felt vindicated when the judging came around because the very first thing we said when she walked out was, “GIRL. Those BOOTS.” They’re totally wrong for the look; so much so that it really sticks out. But aside from that, she’s fabulous. This may be the first time poor footwear snatched the win out of someone’s hands. Let that be a lesson to you, ladies. In drag, as in life, it’s all about the detailing."

What's the T: Video review.
quasievil_bunny: Word!quasievil_bunny on March 8th, 2012 11:36 pm (UTC)
Willam definitely pwned this episode, the way that Chad Michaels pwned the Snatch Game. And Jiggly needs to stop complaining all the time, and get on with it!